A conversation with myself

You don’t deserve her


Don’t drag her into your world.

She is doing just fine on her own. She doesn’t need you or anyone.

She is a strong and powerful woman. She can’t be bent or broken.


Unless you let her in. Unless you drag her in.

Into your life. Into your world. Into your mess. Into your quiet little hell that you pretend isn’t there.

Don’t drag her in.

Don’t drag her in because as strong as she is, as determined and bulletproof as she has struggled her whole life to become …

You will be the thing that breaks her.

You will do what you always do because you are as brilliant as you are broken.

You will learn her.

You will know her.

You might even love her.

And then brick by brick you will deconstruct her.

You will take her down bit by bit until she is bare, leaving her completely vulnerable.

Then, once you have had your fun. Once you have gotten what you needed.

Once you have gotten what you wanted.

You will cast her aside.

You will break her.

Like taming a beautiful wild horse.

You will have taken away all of the things that made her beautiful in the first place.

Then when she is no longer beautiful you will simply cast her aside.

Because you are you.

Because you are broken.

So just don’t.

Don’t let her in.

Don’t drag her in to your world.

Don’t drag her down with you.

You don’t deserve her.