Why does it hurt?

Why does it hurt me so much to love you?

Why, when I think about you, am I so heavy hearted?

It makes me weak to think of you.

Weak minded like I couldn’t resist you if I wanted to. And I want to. But I cannot.

Weak bodied as if you take the air out of my lungs and the strength out of my legs when your body touches mine.

Weak willed as though I’m addicted to you. I’ve tasted your euphoria and now, no matter how hard I try to resist I am helplessly drawn to you in moments of weakness.

So why does it hurt me? Why does loving you make me experience such intense, almost physical pain?

Why does loving you make me feel so empty?

Why do I let you hurt me like you do?


Why don’t you want me? Am I not enough?

You torture me with your allure. You tease me with your presence. You know that you have this power over me. You use it to control me. To contort me. To bend me to your will. To make me yours.

You know what you do to me.

So why?

Why don’t you love me ?

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