I know you

Against all almost incomprehensible odds, we are here

This is going to sound grim but life is a lie and nothing means anything. The world that we live in is a product of random chance. A series of completely randomized events occurred and became the catalyst for an ideal environment that eventually allowed for our reality to form around us. Nothing designed it. No omnipotent being made that happen. We are simply the result of a random process inside of an unconscious system. Heat, bacteria, an ideal atmosphere, a few billions years and everything in between would lead us to right now.

Right now. Where against all almost incomprehensible odds, we are here. Every single event that has randomly transpired since the dawn of our existence has occurred in such a specific sequence of events, in such an absolutely obscure and amazingly specific series of random occurrences, that this world we live in has allowed us to exist next to each other at the same time. On the same planet. In the same country. In the same city. On top of all of that, we were able to find each other. Able to know each other. Able to become friends.

Against all odds.
I know you.

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